Sunday, August 23, 2009

On my way home

This is a neat joke (it's a sticker over Brooklyn) but then with the wrong punchline;
It's Breukelen not Breuckelen.

movies seen in US these last 2 months

I've been well entertained, but nothing amazing;
Haven't seen anything really special, but nice pass times;
The 6 movies I have seen the last 2 months in my top 6;

1-Sheraphine {france}
Well made movie about outsider woman artist around 1908

2-District 9 {south-Africa}
First hour is really good and worth your money.After that it's too much explosions etc
3-Thirst {south-Korea}
From the director of Oldboy; another smart vampire movie. But I'm done now, with the genre.

4-Inglorious Bastards {US, but quite euro}-
Has his great Tarantino moments.And 'Allo,allo' moments.I might rather watch 7 episodes of 'Allo,allo' then 2.52 min of this.
5-Whatever works(US)
Woody Allen + Larry Davies= Ok, but a typical little Allen Movie; it's still much better than anything else romantic comedy. Feels good.

6-In the Loop (GB);
Overacted british [power}play about Washington & Downingstreet on their way to Irak.

Governors Island {Creative times}

I had never been to Governors Island. The ferry only goes there during the weekend. There is no traffic and nobody lives there anymore. Until not so long ago it was a military zone. But a very nice one; Residential; shops, hospital, churches even a old movie theatre.
This summer Creative Time has organized a big exhibition here.
With around 20 artists. So like in Venice, it's very nice to walk around the island without traffic and.. And then,oh, yeah,
almost forgot; look at the art

A piece I, kind of liked by Klaus Weber, until you read this;
oversized wind chime in tempered aluminum has been tuned to the mysterious diabolus in musica tritone, a musical interval that spans three whole tones, to dissonant and melancholic effect. It has been considered a "dangerous" sound since the Middle Ages, and was thought to arouse or summon the Devil. Some sources say it was outlawed for evoking sexual feelings in its listeners, while others believed that musicians could be excommunicated from the church for using it. Large Dark Wind Chime (Tritone Westy) is situated amongst rolling hills, houses of worship, Victorian buildings, and ornamental cannons, reminding us of the spirit of the age and uncertainty of our times, from global wars to economic recession and the battles that rage between good and evil..
JAaa, course;
it totally reminded me of the spirits of a uncertainty in our times
, and the recession and the war.
And made me feel very very sexy.
(And really
not at all at the thing my upstairs-neighbor has on her balcony)

Teresa Margolles.
Yes, these a real mexican bullit holes

I didn't like the exhibition much; All the artist trying too hard to make a smarty, but not creative , statements on the history of Governors Island.
Most of text with the pieces where really-over-the-top.
Happy I didn't tried to hard to add dutch-history in my Peekskill piece. Off course it was friendly requested...
(tomorrow is the big installation day; I will post pictures)
There are inspirations from Holland, for example I went all the way to Franeker to visit the 17Century Eisenga Planetarium. (Something I think everybody should go, really one of the most amazing things in NL)


Next month the dutchies are taking over Governors Island for the big Amsterdam-NY 400 years celebration. There's things happeing allover NY state, but the centre will be Governors Island, where the PARADE will built up their fair.
It's quite a challenge because; ferry goes only every 30min. (But for free)..So it's not going to be huge...And if it rains during that weekend.....Well,,,,,
Let's be; American, not dutch; optimistic!

Dough & Mike Starn at Battery park subwaystation

just opened.
The photos look like they are real photos casted in epoxy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Carlos Roque at Forever & today

Forever & today is a small artspace in Chinatown. Run by Ingrid Chu & Savannah Gorton. Small; I mean tiny, really small. Think the of size of shops where they sell belts & fake perfume on Canalstreet. They invite an artist to stay there for a few weeks and do a presentation during a weekend. Yesterday was my friend Carlos Roque. Carlos made a sound installation with different drones; the sound of a fan over a flying V-guitar. The sound of a handpainted golden record, all mixed together by a painting that is also a soundmixer. All individual pieces that are coming together in drone and image.
The great thing about NY is that tiny initiatives like these get lots of recognition and are taken seriously. Well, they also do a great program; They've been invited to participate in Nada, the artfair every hot new gallery wants to be in. And they will be part of the great biennal Performa festival in november. That is something that would not happen in a European town; In NY if your good & serious things go fast. I love it.

Carlos Roque plays his golden record

Friday, August 21, 2009

Davidians in brooklyn

Yesterday was the opening of the Victor Houteff religious-propaganda drawings at the CABINET magazine artspace.

Unfortunately I didn't had my camera. 11 drawings are on view, all from 1933 and explaining the whereabouts of Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-day Adventists. The drawings are in fact hand colored prints on banquets. It is very possible that he had someone else draw these for him.
They are quiet sensational. And reminded me a bit of old circus posters like these;

They all have wild animals,danger, globes & stars

This drawing is from the Davidians website (click to get a better view)

But then this is not to entertain you but to scare you a bit so you'll join their church.
It's a bit creepy when you know how this ended years later with Waco,Texas.
I was surprised to hear the church still exist , still in Texas. They even send more info to Cabinet m for the show.
This is their website (go to 'charts' if you want to see more of these weird circus drawings)

Victor Houteff, a Bulgarian immigrant to the United States, was running a hotel in the Midwest when, in 1918, he attended a tent meeting of a Seventh-day Adventist group. He joined the church, and in the late 1920s began teaching doctrines that eventually resulted in his expulsion from the Seventh-day Adventist church in Los Angeles, where he had relocated. Despite his ousting, Houteff continued to preach his message. He and his followers, now known as the “Shepherd’s Rod Seventh-day Adventists,” finally moved to Mount Carmel, Texas, on the outskirts of Waco, where the group changed its name to the “Davidian Seventh-day Adventists.” After Houteff’s death in 1955, numerous factions broke-off—the largest was led by Benjamin Roden, who named his congregation the “Branch Davidians.” In 1983, Vernon Wayne Howell, later to change his name to David Koresh, joined the Branch Davidians.